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Voice coaching and singers confidence building from the OG #stagefrightwhisperer 

Perfect for singers and performing artists ready to rock the mic with confidence. Note: this is NOT your grandmother's voice coaching! 

For Performing Artists and Singers

Transformational coaching and Leadership Communication Mentoring for women and further marginalized people ready to speak up more in your life and work!

Speak your truth, claim your power & embody your purpose! 1:1 coaching packages, group programs and retreats. 

For Truth Speakers 

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here's how you can unleash your voice with elise besler:

Jaclyn Reinhart, Technical Voice Coaching 

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have helped me move forward with confidence. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals and on stage!”


"Prior to working with Elise, I was struggling to identify who I really am, what I do, and where I want to go with my creative ventures. I was able to let go of some of my fears around perfection or looking silly, and sink into what it meant to identify myself, my desires, and my goals. Elise guided me, with a beautifully gentle hand, through some exercises that helped shift my perspective from being a passive character in my own life, to a much more active one. She helped me create a purposeful mantra to remind myself of what I no longer need, and where I really want to go. I highly recommend working with Elise if you struggle with communicating not only with others, but also with yourself, and stripping away the limiting beliefs that society has made you believe about yourself. "


“Fabulous! Empowering! Freeing!
I’ve discovered that this work is the path to more of everything, and that it’s less about mindset and more about training my body that it’s safe to express myself. Elise gets to the root fast by encouraging me to be present to the wisdom of my body.”


"I was struggling with celebrating myself and believing my voice was worth sharing. It was empowering to open up and share my truth and struggles. Since this opening, I’m empowered to speak up and trust my voice."

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