I’m here to help you claim your birthright of authentic, unapologetic expression

Vocal Warrior

Oh hey,

The world’s your stage.  Grab your mic -- let’s get vocal.

I’m here to help you reach deep inside, shed cultural and systemic narratives of how we use our voices (or not use them at all) and get #vocal.

I’ve spent over 20 years as a Private and Group Voice Coach and Creative Entrepreneur in The Voice and Communication Biz.

I have helped thousands of professional and award-winning performers, entrepreneurs, public speakers and actors build the voices of their dreams and claim their authentic truth. 

AND all along, I've been doing this work myself - navigating my own hard won journey towards vocal warrior-ship.

All that?

It’s taught me a thing or two about harnessing embodied confidence and sharing authentic expression.

They call me the “Stage Fright Whisperer”, “The Vocal Warrior”, “That Chick-That-Sings-Sentences-Out-Of-Nowhere”

... but you can call me Elise, your Embodied Communication Coach.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about how I got here…

My safe place as a kid was behind my mom’s bell bottoms. That is to say--I was shy A.F.

And my parents, bless them, were totally fine with that. But, as a kid living in a bigger body and already being shy—cultural ideals of what was expected of me came into play. 

In short, the world didn’t come to expect much from me or (worse) thought that what I had to say didn’t really matter.

I internalized that nasty narrative for a long time in my youth.

Gather ‘round for this story -- this gets good.

This became my community, my people, my safe-to-be-whoever-I-wanted crowd.

Suddenly, within this group I had a voice and I USED it. And, not just to belt it as Mable in Pirates of Penzance or sing “Saving All My Love For You” by Whitney Houston at my 1989 talent show.

I felt embodied. I felt safe being me. I felt powerful.

Music and the community I’d gained through it was my zone! And, naturally, it became my life’s work.

In my early 20’s after music college, I began giving voice lessons in my parents’ basement. Just me, my rad Casio Keyboard, and my clients. I made $50 a week and was hooked on the feeling of getting paid for my passion. 

Until *enter stage left* I discovered musical theatre.

I still get royalty checks from a ‘Radio Free Roscoe’ episode that features my original music (where my Canadian teen drama fans at?)

Over decades of working with artists, my voice coaching business grew, my skills increased, my clients embraced their voices and found success and realized their dreams.

I coached them in technical skills and taught them how to release nervous system patterns contributing to stage fright.

Through work with the voice and the body they were able to truly unlock the voice they always had hiding beneath the narratives that kept them from stepping fully into their power.

But--now don’t get me wrong here--I knew deep in my heart that I was meant to do more than just teach people to sing Taylor Swift covers (and I LOVE me some Tay Tay).

They were Vocal. Freaking. Warriors.

They used their voice and set boundaries between themselves and the people and things that didn’t align with their true selves.

They were able to speak up when something felt wrong or didn’t invite a full-bodied “YAAAAHS!”

They began to have MORE confidence in their day-to-day lives and conversations.

The work we did played out in their lives OFF STAGE, too.

Because the truth is, the same techniques that I was teaching with a focus on singing and performance brought some other fabulous side effects for my clients.

*Record Scratch* -- *Plot Twist* -- whatever you want to call it -- I knew there was more here.

After some soul-searching and embodiment work of my own

I accessed Her (Mama Universe that is) and oh, baby did she speak loud and clear (as if she’d been holding a queued up mic all along).

She practically screamed that this unique combination of embodiment, mindset, and authentic voice method was IT, and women entrepreneurs and creative started flocking to the work. 

The Vocal Warrior Coaching business was born.

Let's Claim your stage!

I’m the Vocal Warrior, yes -- but so are you.

I’m not here to empower you. All that power is already within.

I’m here to walk beside you on this journey to embodied confidence
and a VOICE that brings the inside of you to the outside.

And now, I’m gonna help you do the same.

Through this work I’ve helped my clients up-end mountains of self doubt and cultural conditioning set to keep us quiet.

4 Time Music Nova Scotia Award Nominee (Music Education and Artist)

2 Time ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) nominee (Artist)

2020 & 2021 Nominee ~
RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, “Women of Influence”

A ‘lil love I’ve received from my community

Candidate for Certification for Voice Body Connection Instructor with Elissa Weinzimmer

Life Coach Training with Wild Abundant Life

RYT 200, Yoga Alliance including advanced anatomy and somatic courses.

Certified in Somatic Voice Work ™ The Lovetri Method

Jazz Voice Performance and Music Composition Degrees – Grant MacEwan University

some cool parts of my knowledge journey

anyone and everyone.

Short answer --

Who can be a vocal warrior?

Embodied Communication Coaching this is where we dive into the juicy stuff. Communicating with grace, setting boundaries with ease, expressing truth without causing harm, courage, healing inner narratives and so so much more! 

Somatic Voice Embodiment Work* this is the roots of our work together. Our bodies are WISE AF and the more we tap into that inner known self, the more we feel safe to share it with the world!
*All somatic work is delivered from a trauma informed, compassionate lens. 

The HOW (also...not a band but you knew that): 

Truth Speaking Entrepreneurs and Speakers who want to make BIG impact doing their life's work and need to show up and share with airtight confidence.  

Creatives who crave authentic visibility, voice use and want to embrace their embodied selves in business.

All Women who are ready to claim their voice, share the magic that lives inside of you with the world, shed self doubt and limiting beliefs and SHOW UP in life. 

The WHO (not the band but, I had to say it): 

But, in case it’s not abundantly clear, here’s who and how I serve. 

Scrapping allll of that nonsense and connecting to what’s inside your body, bringing it to the surface, and creating the life, business, the VOICE of a fully empowered #VocalWarrior. 

What Vocal Warriors ARE all about

Giving over our power to false narratives of “not enoughness”.

Hiding our values for the sake of placating others.

Piping down when everything in our body demands we speak up.

Patriarchal and cultural conditioning that keeps us quiet.

False binaries of what’s right or wrong for you AKA “do this, not that” thinking.

Things we’re NOT about here

SHOWING UP AS THE MAGICAL BEING YOU ARE. Simply by living your embodied truth.

Holding onto your voice and power in moments of stress. And accessing your voice when you need it MOST! 

Setting boundaries in life and business with ease. Pssst... this transfers over to ALL parts of your life! 

Showing up in business and your work in a way that serves your soul. Without feeling like you need to “fake it to make it”. 

Authentic, embodied voice. Whether that’s for the virtual or in real life stage as an entrepreneur or speaker, in the boardroom, or on your next biz Instagram Live.

Here’s what you can expect to experience:

Ready to do the work?

Keep reading to find the option that’s right for you.


** You’re a unique human who can’t be put in a box.
Buuuut for the purpose of finding the best way to work with me,
pick a box! **

A love note:

This box here is for Women Entrepreneurs and Creatives looking for support with embodied communication.

This box here is for performing artists looking for technical voice coaching and stage confidence. 


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