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About Elise


Singing Training Course HRM NS

I help singers and truth speakers reframe, resource and redefine what a powerful voice is!

Warrior Voice Method Coaching is for:

  • Singers and Songwriters ready to sing freely.

  • Professional AND hobby Voice Artists ready to grow artistry with authenticity.

  • Truth speakers ready to set boundaries, advocate for themselves and others and live authentically while using their voice for the highest good.

 Fun fact: my clients call me:


I’m (still) Elise Besler

… and I am the OG Vocal Warrior ~ also, your Voice Coach and #stagefrightwhisperer.

I’m here to spread #radicalvoicelove to singers, speakers and voice confidence seekers.

I teach voice peeps how to step up to the mic with confidence and empowered purpose.

Singing is my first love, and also my greatest teacher.

I have fancy music degrees & life coaching diplomas, yes; but what I’ve learned most from is witnessing my client’s transformations

…and from my own hard-won experience on the path towards Vocal Warriorship.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve provided Voice Lessons, Voice Coaching and Empowerment Coaching to thousands of professional and hobby singers, public speakers and voice confidence seekers through my Warrior Voice Coaching Method in areas like:

  • 1:1 voice and voice power coaching sessions for singers, artists and speakers

  • Group voice coaching

  • Vocal Warrior Retreats and now…

  • “The Vocal Warrior Collective”; an online group coaching and voice membership program for women and femme identifying folks!

Fun fact: I’ve released two albums of original music since my 40th birthday
#youarenottooold #itsnottoolate

Here’s how you can work with me!

The Vocal Warrior Collective is an online voice coaching and membership program for women to help you reach your voice goals in likeminded cohort. YES! These are your people!

Digital Voice Coaching Tools Warrior Voice Vocal Warm Ups and #radicalvoicelove Meditations are a great place to start your vocal journey or support yourself along the way!

1:1 Voice Coaching for singers ready to raise the bar on their voice goals, build voice confidence and crush stage fright and performance anxiety.

Elise Besler, Voice Coach.

Professional Experience and Awards

2020 & 2021 Nominee ~ RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, “Women of Influence

Jazz Voice Performance and Music Composition Degrees – Grant MacEwan University

Certified in Somatic Voice Work ™ The Lovetri Method

RYT 200, Yoga Alliance including advanced anatomy and somatic courses.

2 Time ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) nominee (Artist)

4 Time Music Nova Scotia Award Nominee (Music Education and Artist)

Life Coach Training with Wild Abundant Life™

20 years as a Private and Group Voice Coach

20+ years as a Creative Entrepreneur in The Voice Biz. I have helped thousands of professional and award-winning performers, hobby singers, public speakers and actors build the voices of their dreams!


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“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have moved me forward with confidence. It is so exciting to get curious and explore my vocal capabilities by getting out of my comfort zone. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals, on stage and writing melodies.”

— Jaclyn Reinhart Singer – Songwriter

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