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Turn your fear of showing up and limiting beliefs into authentic expression and standing ovations!

Let's get into the details...

Authentic expression isn’t so much about how your voice sounds as it is about allowing your body to feel safe to use your voice.

Hosted by moi - Elise Besler...
Your Voice and Confidence Coach and #stagefrightwhisperer.

allow me to pull back the curtain and give you an all access pass to an embodied, authentic voice: in your work and in life.

The Authentic Expression Workshops...

How to LOVE (like... REALLY love) Your Voice

Healing Limiting Beliefs and Inner Critic Narratives

How to Show Up Confidently and Authentically

Healing Imposter Syndrome 

Boundaries 101 (for life AND business)

For the voice empowerment and  “know how” you’ve been searching for!

Engaging Topics

Some topics we cover...

Here's how we roll in the authentic expression workshops:

Options for ongoing vocal support

1:1 Coaching on the Workshop Call!

Nervous system regulation and support

Self Coaching Tools

Embodiment exercises

For total alignment in your voice and body.

Body and Voice Connection

Co-creative learning in a “power-with” coaching dynamic

Care and Connection in a compassionate online voice space

Hang and learn with folks who have similar voice goals

 Q&A’s, coaching and conversation



Follow up replay and "discovery work" to keep you in the work

Additional 1:1 full session coaching upgrade options

Guide you through your voice challenges

Q&A and spot coaching in every workshop

Support and feedback from a 20+ yr veteran voice coach

For personalized support.

Voice Coach Access

Sara kelly ~ heart based business mentor

“Elise’s guidance allowed me to uncover and find a part of my voice that had long been forgotten. I was able to find power in my vulnerability and more acceptance in ALL parts of myself and I can show up even more fully in my work, my relationships and the world!”

Join us today!

Rockstar or Master Public Speaker status is NOT required.

ALL voices are welcome in The authentic expression workshops! 

This co-creative voice ecosystem is for voices of ALL  levels. 

* no experience necessary! ALL voices are welcome in The Authentic Expression Workshops!

A deep trust that your words are important and necessary and you can change the cultural narratives. 

Healed limiting beliefs about your voice and it's purpose. 

Ability to show up and shine in a way that feels fully embodied. AKA: no more visibility fears. 

Deeper connection to your work. Attracting fully aligned clients to your orbit with your authenticity.

Authentic expression that feels like YOU when you share your truth.

Embodied confidence in your truth speaking, work and authentic expression. 

What you can experience in these workshops...

You were socialized in culture to "not offend" and "not rock the boat" with your words. 

Limiting beliefs keep you from sharing your work and truth. 

You often feel like you have to "push through" or "fake it till you make it" when you're sharing your work, or in personal conversations.

You "put on" or modify your voice when you do show up, and it feels icky.

You feel you need to show up a certain way (how you were taught) that doesn't align with your values. 

You have fears and discomfort around showing up authentically in your life and work. 

These workshops can feel aligned for you if ...

If you're ready to explore your voice confidence and potential in a compassionate space, The backstage pass workshops are the right spot for you!

Tamara Freeman ~ transformational life coach

"I loved the beautiful souls that gathered and the healing that we co-created together. Witnessing each other and each other's voices in a safe environment was everything. I've fallen in love with authentic expression all over again, and am finding joy in sharing my voice!"

You in?

This is where we heal the belief our voices aren’t worthy and we embody the authentic expression that is our birthright…

We Vocal Warriors are on a mission
To discover #radicalvoicelove

Voice Confidence:
No matter where you are on your voice empowerment journey, Backstage Pass uncovers your possibility.

Voice Freedom:
 This is where the rubber meets the road! Use the teachings to affirm how you want to show up and serve. 

An Embodied Voice:
These teachings are an opportunity for you to embody and trust your voice's power and purpose.

Voice Sovereignty:
Access your voice's power, influence and authenticity with a 20+ year veteran voice and confidence coach.

Here's what you get:

Becky Keen ~ business and mindset coach

“Fabulous! Empowering! Freeing!
I’ve discovered that my voice is the path to more of everything, and that it’s less about mindset and more about training my body that it’s safe to express myself.
HUGE Value in this work!”

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I see you’ve been waiting for us…
I'm pulling back the curtain and  giving away ALL the secrets to a confident voice!


Oh, hello

(My client’s will tell you I’m a #stagefrightwhisperer).

I’ve been working with people JUST LIKE YOU for over 2 decades, helping them step into their most empowered expression.

 AND also…

(I’m a little obsessed with binging Ru Pauls Drag Race ~ you better WERK!)

For the past 20+ years, I’ve taught thousands singers and public speakers all over North America and Europe how to express themselves authentically through my Warrior Voice coaching method. (It’s kind of my superpower.)

I’m your vocal cheerleader and advocate

I created these Authentic Expression Workshops as a low cost, immersive, radically supportive way for people to get a taste of what it's like to work with me on their voice and confidence goals.

I’m a Voice and Authenticity Coach, Singer -Songwriter, Podcaster AND the OG Vocal Warrior!

your Coach, and founder of authentic expression  workshops!

Hi! I'm Elise Besler

Receive RADICAL support for your voice goals with the teachings and through 1:1 spot coaching with Elise. 

Show up to the workshop on ZOOM live OR catch the replay and watch as many times as you need!

Sign up for any of the workshops subjects that feel aligned and supportive to your goals!

How exactly does this work?

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Ready to get started?

Reach out to book 1:1 support with a coaching package, for more customized support!

Use your voice to engage, educate and entertain your clients and audiences with airtight authenticity.

Use your new tools to expand the reach of your work with an embodied voice you trust. 


“Elise has helped me uncover areas of my life and work where I was ready to express myself more authentically. As an entrepreneur this has been life changing! It has allowed me to refine my skills in listening and speaking from a place of personal truth, power and authenticity”

Warrior Voice Warm Up and Technique Mini Course for public speakers

Radical Voice Love Guided Voice Confidence Meditations

Warrior Voice Warm Up and Technique Mini Course for singers

You get discounted access to the Vocal Warrior Digital Training Vault including:


Option to move into a more intimate 1:1 coaching container with Elise

Follow up email sequence with discovery work and journal prompts

Workshop replay link with no timeline

Connection with likeminded voice confidence seekers 

Live 90min workshop with optional 1:1 spot coachings at the end

Here’s what you get when you sign up for an authentic expression workshop:


Investment for each Backstage pass workshop

* All enrolment to Backstage Pass Workshops is considered final and no refunds are available. Discounted pricing available for multiple workshop sign ups.

- Jaclyn Reinhart ~ singer songwriter

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have moved me forward with confidence. It is so exciting to get curious and explore my vocal capabilities by getting out of my comfort zone. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals, on stage and writing melodies.”


“Elise is a gifted coach. She encourages me to love and trust my voice despite my inner critic. With her guidance I have been able to unleash my vocal warrior, building my confidence and ability to speak my truth. Thank you Elise for making this journey so joyful!”

What are you waiting for?

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I can't wait for you to access your authentic expression! 

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