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If you’re here then you, friend, are what I like to call a Vocal Warrior AKA a force to be reckoned with, a truth speaker ready to express yourself authentically and raise your voice!

You are so welcome here.

A truth speaker, activist, difference-maker, and space-holder ready to experience #radicalvoicelove

A business owner who’s ready to show up authentically for those who need you most

A professional vocalist looking for inspiration

A hobby singer or aspiring speaker looking to enhance your gifts

Someone seeking the confidence to own your voice

You might also be:

And having difficult conversations

Activism, equality and justice

Body politics in the arts industries


You'll hear from artists, coaches, and storytellers about:

I invite you to join me and my fellow warriors for inspiring and empowering interviews

There's so much to tell you!

Plug it into your ears, truthspeaker!

We all have a voice story.

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Jaclyn Reinhart, Vocalist

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have helped me move forward with confidence. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals and on stage!”

Erica Blackburn ~ Clarity Coach and Spiritual Healing Mentor

“Elise has helped me uncover areas of my life and work where I was ready to express myself more authentically. As an entrepreneur this has been life changing! It has allowed me to refine my skills in listening and speaking from a place of personal truth, power and authenticity”

Sara Kelly ~ Heart Based Business Mentor

“Elise’s guidance allowed me to uncover and find a part of my voice that had long been forgotten. I was able to find power in my vulnerability and more acceptance in ALL parts of myself and I can show up even more fully in my work, my relationships and the world!”

I have a bit of an obsession:
Helping my clients to embody the authentic, unapologetic expression they were born with.

My other obsession?
Spreading Radical Voice Love -
AKA that fully embodied feeling that your voice is not only worthy of being heard it’s so so needed in the world (and using it is what truly makes you a Vocal Warrior). 

Here's what you should know about me.

I'm Elise.

In case we haven't met...

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