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Radical Voice Love Sessions

 Authentic unapologetic expression is your birthright.

The #radicalvoicelove Sessions are here to bring you back to your first nature expression.

One off Voice Coaching Sessions

Affirm how you wish to show up and use your voice in your business, on stage or in life.

✓ Uncover and reframe limiting beliefs about your voice and its power and possibility.

✓ Learn how to repattern your nervous system so you can access your voice when you need it most.

 Do you have something to say or sing but find it hard to express yourself?

It’s NOT YOU, I promise!

Cultural narratives have done a great job of teaching us to doubt our voices and the truth that lives inside of us.

You are a singer, a creative entrepreneur, a truth speaker, or a voice confidence seeker that is ready to share your voice in life, on stage or in business AND you’re ready to smash those narratives that aren’t yours to begin with, amiright?

The #radicalvoicelove Sessions support in you feeling witnessed, empowered and ready to share that unapologetic voice of yours with the world.

 You came into this world expressing yourself authentically and unapologetically…

You took your first breath and air travelled up your lungs and through your vocal cords and you made the sounds you instinctually knew to take.

And… you were celebrated for it!

Somewhere along the way, cultural narratives and family systems layer on top of that authentic expression and it becomes necessary to protect it, to protect you.

 The #radicalvoicelove Sessions are for you if:

you find it challenging to access your authentic voice when you speak truth or sing.

✓ you have a limiting belief about your voice that you’d like to reframe.

✓ you find it hard to show up for yourself, your business, or your creativity.

✓ you’re ready to speak or sing your truth unapologetically and authentically.

All about The #radicalvoicelove Sessions

90 min 1:1 online sessions available in January 2022 $250 CAD

Explore your Voice and Body Connection

Be empowered to express your deepest truths and desires

Be deeply supported by a dynamic transformational coach

Resource: build skills to help with boundary setting and truth speaking

Resource: gain tools to help you overcome stage fright or visibility fears

Receive nervous system support to access your voice when it feels like you don’t have one

 Book a #radicalvoicelove session and start to speak or sing your truth just like that day you came into the world,

Unapologetically and with authenticity!

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