The Vocal Warrior Collective Terms & Conditions -

The Vocal Warrior Collective Terms & Conditions

An agreement made between you, (The Member) and Elise Besler-Harnish, The Vocal Warrior of EB Voice Empowerment (The Coach) upon signup to The Vocal Warrior Collective:
1. 	The Program Assets: The Member will have access to digital voice vault including vocal exercises and techniques, voice centred meditations and video replay vault of all masterclasses and coaching calls, live group coaching calls, live masterclasses and workshops, a private online community via Facebook and voice love affirmations via email every Monday morning for as long as the Member is enrolled in the program. The cost of the membership is $137 USD/month. Should The Collective Members choose to engage in private 1:1 voice coaching sessions with The Coach, they will be booked by appointment only, and be invoiced at $250 CAD/session.
2. 	Payment and cancellation:  The Vocal Warrior Collective has a 3 month initial membership commitment, to 90 days after sign up date. Automatic credit card payments of $137 USD/month are due upon sign up and then at 30 day intervals. The rate of $137 USD will remain The Member’s monthly fee for as long as they stay enrolled in the membership. Should The Member choose to stop their membership, 30 days notice prior to payment anniversary is required. This includes stopping membership after initial 3 month commitment, (so cancellation notice would be due on day 60 of the membership within the initial 3 months). After initial 3 month membership, The Member is considered enrolled ongoing until 30 days notice is given on the payment anniversary. If The Member does not offer 30 days notice to stop, monthly billing will continue until such time as required notice is received. Should The Member choose to stop ongoing membership and return at a later date, they will be subject to any fee changes that have taken place in their absence. All memership fee payments are final. There are no refunds available for membership fees.
3. 	Scope of Work Agreement: The service provided to The Member by The Coach  is: voice function, voice health, performance coaching, nervous system and embodiment support, confidence coaching and consulting and mindset work. All teachings and coaching from The Coach are not directive advice, counselling, or therapy. Teachings may address overall voice health, goals, specific projects or general conditions in The Member’s life but cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field including but not limited to psychological, or medical matters. Personal success during your study with The Coach is solely based on your own commitment and self-practice. The Coach shall not be held legally or functionally responsible beyond the agreement and scope of work in these terms and conditions.
4. 	Requirements:  Access to the community spaces (Private Facebook group, group coaching calls, live performances, warm up calls) is open to members of The Vocal Warrior Collective. All members agree to follow community collective guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program. Unless otherwise noted, all materials in this program are © Elise Besler-Harnish. Memberships cannot be assigned to other parties. Members agree to respect identities, privacy and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties. Members who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces revoked, and/or may have their membership to The Collective terminated without refund. The Coach will ask for permission to share for marketing purposes, any video/photo or other likeness of The Member. No permission, no share.
5. 	Right To Review : The Coach and team have the right to review any content added by members and reserve the right to take down content deemed oppressive, inappropriate or offensive, revoke access to community spaces and/or terminate Memberships.
6. 	Consent: The Coach collects member name, email and legal address and other information about The Member in order to process payments and communicate with you. EB Voice Empowerment, The Vocal Warrior uses standard email software services and apps to run The Vocal Warrior Collective, beyond that, The Coach does not share Member information to any third parties who are not enrolled in The Vocal Warrior Collective. The Coach is not responsible for any 3rd party software or app malfunction.
7. 	Email List Requirement:  The Member’s email address must remain on Elise’s Vocal Warrior mailing list for the duration of the program, in order for communications to be delivered in a timely fashion.

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