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Vocal Warrior Podcast



Vocal Warrior Podcast

with Elise Besler

Spreading RADICAL VOICE LOVE to singers, truth speakers and voice confidence seekers.

This podcast is for the hobby singers, and the professional voice artists.

For the truth speakers, the activists, the allies, the difference makers and space holders …

Join Elise for inspiring and empowering interviews with fellow artists, coaches and storytellers about; performance, body politics in the arts industries, activism, quality and justice and having the difficult conversations.

We all have a voice story.

Let’s listen and learn from each other.

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About Elise…

Elise Besler is a Voice and Empowerment Coach and #stagefrightwhisperer on a mission to spread what she calls RADICAL VOICE LOVE to singers, speakers and voice confidence seekers.

She is the founder of The Vocal Warrior Studio in Halifax, NS Canada and worldwide on the web, and coaches singers, truth speakers and voice confidence seekers from all walks to help them reach their voice goals.

The “V.I.P. Voicework” is a combo of technical voice study (somatic voice work) and singer’s mindset and embodiment practices.

Work with Elise:

1:1 Coaching


“The Vocal Warrior Collective” an online voice coaching and voice confidence membership and eco-system for women.


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