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Singers Coach HRM Nova Scotia

Warrior Voice Coaching!

For Singers, Truth Speakers and Voice Confidence Seekers!

Hi! I’m Elise, Online Voice Coach, #stagefrighwhisperer and your advocate, cheerleader and co-creator for your most authentic expression.

This work is about more than just singing. It’s about reframing, resourcing and redefining what your most powerful voice is to YOU!

Warrior Voice Coaching is for:

Professional Voice Artists (looking to build technical voice skill and own your performances.)

Hobby singers (ready to explore your voice, singing and build confidence).

Truth Speakers (Allies and Activists looking for support in their own truth speaking.)

If you’re ready to express yourself authentically and with confidence ~ Warrior Voice Coaching is for you!

Warrior Voice Coaching Principles

Functional Voice Tech Work for singers and speakers

Mind/Body/Voice Practices

Singer’s Mindset Work


#radicalvoicelove practices.


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“Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost”

— Jessie Brown, Award Winning Singer-Songwriter and Voice Coach

VIP Voice Coaching

Here’s what you’ll learn …



  • breath control and management

  • healthy vocal registration

  • eliminate vocal strain

  • healthy belting

  • vocal health and hygiene


  • song interpretation

  • expression and emotion

  • performance coaching

  • music career consultation

  • recording studio support


  • #radicalvoicelove practices

  • nervous system regulation

  • voice and body connection

  • overcome performance anxiety

  • name and defeat inner critic


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Even after a bachelor’s degree in voice, one session with Elise opened me up to my soul voice like nothing else.

— Tamara Freeman, Singer-Songwriter


+ How do you work with your clients?

Elise’s studio is in Halifax NS, Canada! She works with 1:1 clients all over North America and Europe via online platforms like ZOOM and FaceTime. For local clients, when safe to do so there may be space in person at The Vocal Warrior Studio, but for now, COVID safety protocols have us all working online. All you need is good wifi and a laptop with earphones. An external mic is helpful but not necessary.

+ Are you a singing voice coach?

YES! Elise works with singers and speakers. We use functional voice techniques to create healthy vocal function. She also uses her Warrior Voice Coaching Method to support all vocalists with authentic expression, overcoming stagefright and building voice confidence.

+ Can you help me become more confident?

In addition to singing technique, Elise uses singer’s mindset coaching, #radicalvoicelove techniques, and Voice/Mind/Body Centering (aka Warrior Voice Coaching) to support her clients. And through that work, YOU will help yourself to become more confident!

+ Is this Voice Coaching or “coaching” coaching?

Elise’s Warrior Voice Method is a holistic approach to voice work. It’s meant to help Singers, Truth Speakers and Voice Confidence Seekers reframe, resource and redefine what a powerful voice looks and sounds like to THEM personally. It is very much a co-creative coaching experience. Sometimes during sessions, we address experiences in the client’s life that could help support authentic expression including but not limited to: stage fright and confidence building, conquering the inner critic, stress management and nervous system regulation, boundaries and truth speaking.

+ I’m a hobby singer, is this work for me?

Although Elise works with professional artists, she also works with hobby singers as well! Yes, all are welcome!

+ Do you teach 1 off lessons or do I have to buy a package?

1 off lessons are available through The Vocal Warrior Collective Membership, which is Elise’s baseline low cost program. Once you’re a member, you can book private “one off” sessions with Elise that way.Otherwise, packages and ongoing sessions are available when Elise has openings in her busy schedule.


Work with Elise!

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  • Vocal Warrior Collective

    An online voice membership and training program for women. Re source, Re frame and Re sound your voice in a collective of likeminded Vocal Warriors!

  • 1:1 Voice Coaching

    Customized functional voice coaching for your singing and public speaking goals. Professional and hobby singers of all artistic expressions are welcome at The Vocal Warrior Studio.

  • Digital Coaching Tools

    Warrior Voice Vocal Warmups and #radicalvoicelove Voice Confidence Meditations. For self study and general voice practice.


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“I’ve been taking lessons with Elise for years now, and since I started, not only has my vocal ability improved a ton, but my self confidence has, too. Elise is so sweet, and I’ve always felt safe and comfortable here! Starting voice lessons has seriously been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

— Maddy Thompson, Singer Songwriter

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