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VoiceWork Registration Form In Person

Welcome, Vocal Warriors!

Please fill out this registration form to complete your registration to work in person with Elise Besler, at The Vocal Warrior Studio.

Clear communication between Coach and Client is requested for all matters of business including payment and attendance.

It is requested that you only submit this form if all terms are agreed to. If you do not agree to all terms, registration is not recommended at this time.

Please note: this form is between You (The Client) and Elise Besler (The Coach/Consultant) 

Payment Policies

* There are no refunds available to The Client for paid missed sessions. (Please see Attendance Policies below for rescheduling details)

* Monthly fees are due via emailed invoice from The Client to The Coach/Consultant no later than 9:00am on the first day of each month.

*Late fees will apply for each 24 hour period of delay. (please see below for extension info).

* If a payment extension is needed by The Client, please send your request via email to The Coach/Consultant no later than 5 days before payment due date.

Attendance Policies

* The Client agrees to attend sessions at the agreed upon time every week.

* As a courtesy, 24 hrs notice to reschedule a weekly session is requested. Any Client missed sessions without 24 hours notice to The Coach/Consultant are considered forfeit without reschedule.

*Please note: When requested notice is given, every effort will be made to reschedule at a mutually convenient time. Elise’s schedule is generally very busy and rescheduling may not always be possible in the same week or month. Sessions can be made up in a few ways: 1. By adding time to existing sessions until missed is made up. 2. scheduling a whole separate makeup session. 3. By extra practice work.

* In the rare event that The Coach/Consultant needs to miss a session, a mutually agreed upon time will be chosen to make up the time with The Client.

PLEASE NOTE: if The Client has any questions about these policies, it’s requested that The Client will keep lines of communication open with The Coach/ Consultant to ensure clarity about policies and options.

Ongoing Sessions Cancellation Policies

* To cancel ongoing sessions, 30 days notice on the first day of the month is requested from The Client to The Coach/Consultant. If 30 days notice is not received, The Client will be invoiced for that month and payment will be due to cover the agreed upon session space.
Scope of Work

The service provided to The Client (you) by The Consultant (Elise Besler of EB Voice Empowerment) is; voice function, voice health, performance and Artist Coaching, and may include voice confidence consulting and mindset coaching (Warrior Voice Coaching).

Vocal confidence and mindset coaching are not directive advice, counselling or therapy. It may address overall voice health, goals, specific projects or general conditions in The Client’s life or profession but cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to psychological, personal circumstance or medical matters.

Personal success during The Client’s study with Elise is solely based on The Client’s own commitment and self practice.

As your Voice and Empowerment Coach, Elise Besler is responsible only for sharing information, exercises and suggestions to you for your musical and voice empowerment growth. Elise Besler shall not be held responsible beyond the scope of work agreed to in this contract; including but not limited to lack of voice or empowerment progress.

It is understood that you must incorporate these teachings into your daily life to improve in all areas.

COVID 19 Policy (In Person)

The Client must be fully vaccinated by definition of the law to attend in person sessions at The Vocal Warrior Studio.

The Client agrees to not attend sessions when feeling ill or under quarantine recommendation for COVID 19. (Please see the health policy below for definition of illness)

The Client agrees to attend in person voice sessions at The Vocal Warrior Studio at their own risk, understanding that singing is a high risk activity due to lung aerosols, and that COVID 19 exposure is possible.

The Client agrees to not hold Elise Besler of EB Voice Empowerment (The Vocal Warrior) responsible for any risk of COVID 19 exposure, and understands their choice to attend in person sessions comes with these risks.

If there is a another lockdown, high levels of community transmission or any other reason for in person sessions to not be held safely, all sessions will be moved online until safe circumstances occur. There are no refunds available if these circumstances occur and all other registration policies are in place, including notice to stop study with Elise.

Health Policy (In Person)

As a courtesy to Elise and the fellow student body at The Vocal Warrior Studio:

The Client is asked to NOT attend in person studio sessions with ANY active signs of illness including but not limited to: sore throat due to illness, runny nose, cough (dry or wet), fever, or any gastrointestinal illness.

If The Client or Client’s close contacts have been asked to isolate due to COVID 19 exposure, symptoms, or positive lab test, The Client is asked to attend sessions virtually until such recommended time has passes.

If The Client is feeling ill with any viral or bacterial infection, but well enough to sing, The Client’s sessions will be moved to an online format until symptoms fully subsided (and lab confirmed negative test is received in the case of COVID 19).

If The Client attends in person sessions while showing any of the above symptoms or while under recommended quarantine for COVID 19, The Client’s session will discontinued immediately and online sessions will take place until symptoms / infection subsides.

Email List Subscription

Registration for sessions with Elise includes subscription to her weekly newsletter. Because your consent is important, by checking this box, you agree to receive these weekly newsletters and marketing emails, understanding you can opt out at any time.

By e-signing this registration form with your full legal name, you have read and acknowledge these Payment, Cancellation and Attendance Policies and agree to work harmoniously, in accordance to these policies; You understand that if any of these policies are disregarded, a conversation will take place, where reevaluation of our sessions may take place, without refund. You certify that you (named above) agree to all policies and will work harmoniously with Elise of EB Voice Empowerment for the duration of our work together.

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