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With warrior voice warm ups

Free your singing voice...

Grab your mic, it's time to make some noise!

Let's get into the details...

I'm a veteran voice coach and have 20+ years experience helping singers just like you build confidence in their singing voice and express themselves creatively and authentically. 

Hosted by moi - Elise Besler...
Your Voice and Confidence Coach and #stagefrightwhisperer.

The warrior voice vocal warmups are for singers with high voices looking to build strength and sing with empowered purpose.

Accessible from anywhere

Learn the basics of healthy singing sounds

Create liberated sounds that FEEL good when you sing

Learn singer’s breath and vocal techniques

Instructional videos and audio tracks to help you sing with power and confidence

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Here's how warrior voice warm ups works:

All from a veteran voice coach

Tools to build strength in your voice

How to breathe for healthy singing

Vocal registration and anatomy

How to use the material for YOUR voice

To get you started on your vocal journey.

Instructional Videos 

Explore your entire vocal range to prep for all songs

Piano accompaniment to help you navigate pitch

Demonstrations of each warm up exercise

Full 16 min vocal warm up to prep your voice for singing

Audio track to warm up wherever you are!


Build flexibility throughout your entire vocal range 

Build strength and power in your entire vocal range

Mixed Voice Technique (for smooth, blended sound)

Chest Voice Technique (for stability and lower range)

Head Voice Technique (for higher range)

Audio tracks to build power in your voice.

Vocal Technique Tracks

Tamara freeman, singer-Songwriter (canada)

"Elise opened me up to my "soul voice" like nothing else. Even with a Bachelor's Degree in vocal performance, I haven't felt freedom in my singing voice like that before! #gratefulbeyondmeasure for Elise and her teachings"

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Rockstar status is NOT required.

Your voice is going to love warrior voice warmups! 

This mini course is for voices of ALL  levels. 

* no experience necessary! ALL voices are welcome in this mini course. 

Pressure to "get it right" right now. 

Good/bad binaries when it comes to our voices

Framing our voices as projects to be fixed.

Shaming sounds that emerge - literally, all sounds are good sounds here

"Power-Over" coaching dynamics

Elitist vocal training methods

Here’s what this mini course is NOT about:

Release unwanted tension while singing.

Building coordinated singing sounds.

Prepping you for gigs and rehearsals.

Body based singing practices for clear sound and healthy singing. 

Building strength in your singing voice

Vocal techniques to help you sing and speak with your freest expression!*

Here’s what this mini course can help with:

If you're ready to build strength and flexibility in your singing voice, Warrior voice warmups and mini course is for you!

Jaclyn Reinhart, Singer-Songwriter (Canada)

"Elise helped me realize the potential of my voice in a very short time. Her techniques have moved me forward with confidence. Her guidance is always with me in rehearsals and on stage!"

It all starts with your voice!

This is where we heal the belief our voices aren’t worthy and we embody the authentic expression that is our birthright…

We Vocal Warriors are on a mission
To discover #radicalvoicelove

Vocal WarmUp Track:
A full 16 minute vocal warmup track to prepare you for any singing or voice use. (TIP: do these before every show or rehearsal!)

1:1 Support Options
 Once you've worked through the Warrior Voice Mini Course, if you want to dive deeper, you'll have a special invite to work with Elise 1:1.

Video Training Vault:
Vocal techniques and strength building with 4 short vocal education videos to get you started with your vocal training. 

Immediate Access:
Begin building your most empowered voice right away.
Start training your voice the very minute you purchase your mini course.

Here's what you get:

Authentic Expression:
Using your voice often brings confidence to all you choose to express. This vocal warmup mini course sets you up for vocal success!

Singing Success:
Using these vocal warmups and techniques daily can help you access your voice when you want and need it most, when you're singing!   

Voice Technique Tracks:
Explore vocal techniques to build strength AND flexibility in your vocal instrument with 3 sought after voice technique tracks. 

Accessible from anywhere:
Log in to your mini course from anywhere. Warm your voice up on the run or in the comfort of your home or rehearsal space. 

jessie brown - singer-songwriter (Canada)

“Working with Elise has been an awakening of spirit. She helped me get the voice back I thought I had lost after a medical diagnosis left me with no hope. ”

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I see you’ve been wanting to sing your face off...
Warrior Voice Warm Up Mini Course is for you!

 Vocal warrior

Oh, hello

(My client’s will tell you I’m a #stagefrightwhisperer).

I’ve recorded albums, played shows across Canada, been in cohort with some of the most insanely talented musicians and teachers AND also…

(I’m a little obsessed with binging Ru Pauls Drag Race ~ you better WERK!)

For the past 20+ years, I’ve taught thousands singers and public speakers all over North America and Europe how to express themselves authentically through my Warrior Voice coaching method. It’s kind of my superpower.

I’m your vocal cheerleader and advocate.

I’m here to spread RADICAL VOICE LOVE to singers, truth speakers and voice confidence seekers. I created the Warrior Voice WarmUps and Mini Course as a low cost, immersive, radically supportive way for people interested in my work.

I’m a Voice and Confidence Coach, Singer -Songwriter, Podcaster AND the OG Vocal Warrior!

your Coach, and creator of  Warrior voice warmups!

Hi! I'm Elise Besler

Build your voice with body based singing techniques and reduce tension and vocal fatigue!

Reach out from anywhere in the world if you want more customized coaching support from Elise, !

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How exactly does this work again?

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Share your voice in a way that feels aligned to YOUR body, no more forcing sound!

Use these techniques often and sing with more freedom and confidence!

Access your warmup and technique audio tracks from anywhere!

Wendy Jeans (USA)

“Working with Elise on my voice is about more than just singing. It's opened up a world of creativity, it's helped me get my life back!”

Deep dive into performance and voice confidence coaching too! 

Personalized voice plan and exercises to help you move forward with your voice! 

Customized 1:1 voice coaching from a veteran voice coach!

You get access to 1:1 private voice coaching with Elise if you like:


Freer singing sounds and confidence in your voice

Increased vocal function, strength and flexibility

3 vocal technique audio practice tracks (head voice, chest voice and mixed voice.

Full 16 min vocal warm up audio track 

4 vocal education instruction videos

Here’s what you get when you buy warrior voice Warm Ups Mini course:



* Any private coaching booked with Elise is subject to additional fees and service agreements. If private 1:1 coaching is chosen, client will be invoiced separately from the purchase of Warrior Voice WarmUps Mini Course. 

- Jaclyn Reinhart (Canada)

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have moved me forward with confidence. It is so exciting to get curious and explore my vocal capabilities by getting out of my comfort zone. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals, on stage and writing melodies.”


“The Vocal Warrior Studio is a place of empowerment! Elise is a gifted coach. She encourages me to love my singing voice despite my inner critic. With her guidance I have been able to unleash my vocal warrior, building my confidence and ability to speak my truth. Thank you Elise for making this journey so joyful!”

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We can't wait for you to free your voice with Warrior Voice Warmups!! 

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