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1:1 Embodied Communication Coaching

Fall 2022: For Women Entrepreneurs and Creatives with BIG vision!

Unlock bold, confident communication skills so you and your business can THRIVE!

FLOURISH Group Coaching Immersion

Learn the 3 Keys my clients use to help them show up and use their voices confidently online.

Perfect for Women Entrepreneurs and Creatives who are ready to claim your voice and space online (without dancing or lip synching!)

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Jaclyn Reinhart, Technical Voice Coaching 

“Elise has helped me realize the potential of my voice in a short amount of time. Her techniques have helped me move forward with confidence. Her guidance is always with me in practice, rehearsals and on stage!”

Kelly Sherman, Vocal Warrior Collective

"Within the first few minutes of class, I knew it was a safe place to express. I reconnected to my childhood joy of singing! Every week, I reclaimed my joyful self expression and a knowing in my bones that THAT is the metric of success I choose from this point!"

Leah Coleman, Technical Voice Coaching

“I’ve had a life-changing shift in my relationship with my voice and singing. Elise has given me so many essential tools for taking care of my voice, working through vocal blocks and dealing with nerves and my inner critic in an effective, loving and healing way.” 

Alison McCrea, Confidence and visibility Coaching

“The Vocal Warrior Studio is a place of empowerment! Elise encourages me to love and trust my voice and what I have to say, despite my inner critic. With her guidance, I’ve been able to speak my truth, set boundaries and approach my voice use with confidence. This is a joyful journey!”

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